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    Salted Password Hashing - Doing it Right If you're a web developer, you've probably had to make a user account system The most important aspect of a user account system is how user passwords are protected
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    Actually he is hashing, he only thinks he's encrypting them MD5 is a message digest, which is a hash It's not a secure hash, though, MD5 rainbow tables are all over the place anywhere, and even not having one get a bunch of millions of easy passwords, hash them and you have a table to lookup passwords for a certain MD5 value
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    Most of the other answers here are somewhat out-of-date with today's best practices As such here is the application of using PBKDF2 Rfc2898DeriveBytes to store and verify passwords
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    Puma Scan Rule Documentation Welcome to the Puma Scan rules documentation! Your guide to secure software development in the NET Framework The Puma rules attempt to be as accurate as possible, but please understand that false positives and false negatives frequently happen in static analysis
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    Support for persisted-key symmetric encryption The Windows cryptography library (CNG) added support for storing persisted symmetric keys and using hardware-stored symmetric keys, and the NET Framework 4 6 2 mades it possible for developers to make use of this feature
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    Кроме того, локализация заметок к данным является расширяемой In addition, data annotation localization is extensible

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